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Karen is an artist who loves art materials and tech. -drawing, painting photography, printmaking and writing.

She has her own way of seeing our world and tries to catch her own unique view of things through art and photography. She finsd joy in her art because of her sensibility for newness and strangeness of things and sensitive keen focus on her subject draws her in and she feels compelled to draw, paint, photograph or write.
She dropped out of school as a young teen and her family moved around a lot. But she kept learning and trying and teaching herself. Eventually she made it back to college as a mature student. “It was a lot of work and I found it really hard – but I got there in the end. In 2011 that B.A. in Fine Arts (Hons.) was alll mine at last!” she says.

Karen’s degree work was on the topic of “ The Girl Who Was Always Upside Down” She used mostly traditional materials such as watercolours and other media for that. Her honours degree work was very conceptual on the subject of place and non-place. It broke new ground as Karen was the first artist to come up with and work with that concept. That largely comprised of photography and digital film making although during the huge and intense research phase she also made many drawings in both digital form as well as traditional ink.
After college Karen joined Galway Printmakers for a couple of years. She had a few exhibitions since graduating. Her mixed watermedia, drawing and printmaking work has shown in various regional shows.

She has also engaged in filmmaking both on the art side and on the independent film, participating in “Work” which was one of the late Harun Farocki’s last projects. He described her collaborative contribution as “Perfect.” She was also an assistant art director on an independently made feature film “Black Ice” which starred Jane Mc Grath ( Red Rock) and Killian Scott ( Ripper Street )